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Natural Science: The Transformation Guide

See and Feel the Difference with our Fully Dosed, Non Proprietary-Blend Formulas.  
@britt_fittt Uses The Lean Stack + CUTS to go from 'Mom Bod' to 'Hot Damn!'

Have you ever seen an amazing transformation and wondered, what's their secret? What do they know that I don't? The truth is that if you want to experience a a HEALTHY transformation (no starvation, purging, or overuse of laxatives) then you need 3 CRITICAL ELEMENTS:

  • REALISTIC GOAL: No Transformation can take place without knowing where you end up.  Do you want to look like Arnold? Do you want to run like Usain? How about rock a bikini like your favorite Hollywood Star? You need to set a goal, but also be realistic with our expectations, and understand our genetic limitations
  • TIME + EFFORT; Every great transformation should be measured in Months and Years, not days and weeks.  If you want to change your body, it requires a significant time frame, not just of activity, but of Extreme Effort!  Often, the key to a transformation isn't the physical work, but the mental work. Changing eating habits, relationships with alcohol/drugs, breaking the emotional connection with food is truly the biggest game-changer for transformations.
  • STRATEGY: You need a plan! What will you eat? How will you exercise? What do you need to reach your goal?

@lorenrgv got LEAN with Optimal Hormone PeakPhenoSlim & Natural Strength

Now we know how to get started, lets focus on one aspect of to OPTIMIZE RESULTS with SCIENCE. Here is an easy breakdown on how to effectively utilize Natural Science products to RAMP UP the results of your hard work!

  1. WEIGHT LOSS: If your body weight is negatively effecting your life (you want to lose 10lbs or more), you feel tired, sore, and worn down on a daily basis, then CUTS, PhenoSlim and Optimal Hormone Peak WILL HELP YOU feel better, drop excess body weight and improve your health.
  2. REDUCE FAT/GET LEAN: Are you close to your target weight (within 10lbs) but not happy with your appearance? Do you want to perform better in your exercises and look amazing in a bathing suit?  Natural Strength, PhenoSlim, and Optimal Hormone Peak are designed to BOOST PERFORMANCE while helping to reduce body fat. The LEAN STACK lets you save a little extra by combing 2 of the products.
  3. BUILD YOUR BODY: Do you want to build muscle? Do you struggle with adding strength and size to your physique? Want to fill out your jeans, or add size to your arms? We have you covered with Natural Muscle Growth Complex, Natural Strength and Optimal Hormone Peak. Build muscle, grow strength, and shock the world with your Naturally Enhanced Physique!

@paddyg1004 used PhenoSlim, Natural Strength and Optimal Hormone Peak to TRANSFORM

 Are you inspired yet? Make TODAY the day that you start your OWN TRANSFORMATION. If you need some help deciding where to begin, feel free to respond to this email, I promise you, together, you and Natural Science can accomplish GREAT THINGS!


    Sam Bishop

    President, Natural Science