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5 Ways PhenoSlim helps you SHED FAT like NO OTHER PRODUCT

5 Reasons why PhenoSlim helps you Shed Fat like NO OTHER PRODUCT

  I'm a huge proponent of weight loss supplements, but I'll be the first to admit that they don't always work. It's especially hard to find one that really works without just slamming your body with 300mg of caffeine twice a day so that you are too cracked out to function.

 However, PhenoSlim is DIFFERENT. This supplement has an insanely potent blend of ingredients designed specifically for helping you to lose body fat and boost your metabolism without having to spend hours at the gym every day. Here is a list of just 5 of the ways PhenoSlim helps you shed nasty, unsightly body fat like NO OTHER PRODUCTS in the marketplace.

5. PhenoSlim is a supplement that will help you shed fat while you rest.

 PhenoSlim is a supplement that changes how your body stores and breaks down fat cells. By changing how the fat cell's function, it actually helps you lose fat while you rest. It's not a drug, it's not a diet pill and it doesn't contain any caffeine or stimulants. That means PhenoSlim works 24 hours a day (yes, even while you are sleeping!) If a a 'fat burner' is just slamming your body with caffeine, that means it's ONLY working when you can take it...and if you try to take it in the evening, go ahead and wave goodbye to your sleep!

4. The body absorbs PhenoSlim better than other fat loss supplements because it uses Acid Defense capsules.

 Acid Defense capsules (also known as Delayed Release or DR Caps) are a specialized delivery agent that has been shown to help your body absorb nutrients better. This means that you can lose weight faster, because the body is able to absorb more of the fat reducing ingredients it protects.

 PhenoSlim is also unique in that it uses ZERO caffeine or any other stimulants. This means you don't have to give up your morning coffee, or afternoon pick-me-up. Even with no stimulants, the ingredients in PhenoSlim have been shown to help suppress appetite, increase mental focus and energy levels, improve mood and eliminate cravings for sugar or carbohydrates (which often lead people down an unhealthy path).

 Why doesn't every company use this technology? It's simple: COST. Acid Defense capsules cost more, but for a company like Natural Science Creation, cost is the LAST consideration, #1 is EFFECTIVENESS.


3. It helps your body use stored fat more efficiently as an energy source.

PhenoSlim is a supplement that helps your body use stored fat more efficiently as an energy source. By enhancing the mitochondria (the engine of the cell) inside your fat cells, PhenoSlim can increase the amount of calories you burn, specifically from the fat cells themselves. When using PhenoSlim, you aren't just burning sugar from your blood, which is quickly replaced at your next meal.

 PhenoSlim forces your fat cells to literally burn themselves for energy! PhenoSlim helps you lose fat while you rest, so that when the time comes to workout and build muscle, it's easier for your body to do so.

 PhenoSlim is also great for those who want to burn fat while sleeping and aren't able to exercise during the day because of work or school commitments. Using this product will help ensure that no matter what time of day it is, there are still ways for people with busy schedules like yours--and ours!--to stay fit and healthy!


2. The effects of PhenoSlim have been clinically tested in Humans, not just in petri dishes.

 Each ingredient in PhenoSlim has been clinically tested in several important ways. In a clinical trial, each ingredient was given to subjects and the results were compared to those of a control group. The results showed that those taking PhenoSlim ingredients had better results than those in the control group. These are not just studies performed in a petri dish, or on mice...these are actual Human Beings showing these results!

1. PhenoSlim is backed by REAL SCIENCE. ALL of the Ingredients in PhenoSlim are not only proven to be SAFE, they are PROVEN to be EFFECTIVE.

This is a supplement that has been clinically tested and proven to be both SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Unlike pharmaceuticals, there were no side crazy side effects reported by the subjects in any of the ingredient studies. The ingredients used in PhenoSlim have been proven to reduce body fat, so you can rest assured that this is not just another fad diet pill or weight loss supplement.

PhenoSlim contains 6 Clinically Validated Ingredients for reducing body fat:

  • Factor21 - a specialized Bitter Melon extract that is a proprietary, 100% natural regulator of a hormone growth factor called Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 (FGF21). FGF21 is known to manage metabolism, weight loss, and glucose levels.

  • LongVida Optimized Curcumin -LongVida®is the most bio-available form of Curcumin, it is 67-285 times more bio-available than traditional Curcumin. Curcumin itself is a powerful polyphenol, with many antioxidant properties. Daily dosage with Curcumin was shown to decrease both fat mass and body weight with no change in daily diet. This was accomplished through Curcumin’s ability to induce the browning of White Adipose tissue₁.

  • Lactoferrin - Lactoferrin (LF) is a multifunctional protein in mammalian milk. Using a double-blind, placebo-controlled design, researchers found that participants taking 300mg per day of Lactoferrin reduced visceral abdominal fat by an astounding 12.3% in only eight weeks.

  • Paradoxine - Paradoxine is a standardized Grains of Paradise extract, which has been shown to upregulate the Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) activity which significantly increases energy expenditure, regulates metabolism and optimizes body composition.

  • Menthol - Recent evidence supports the role of menthol, a TRPM8 agonist, in enhanced energy expenditure, thermogenesis and BAT-like activity in classical WAT (White Adipose Tissue) depots in a TRPM8 dependent and independent manner. Menthol administration at bioavailable doses significantly increased “browning/brite” and energy expenditure and enhanced mitochondrial activity related gene expression.

  • Trans-Cinnemaldehyde - Cinnamaldehyde, the active compound in cinnamon, which also gives it its flavor, is an aromatic compound that stimulates the metabolism of the fatty visceral tissue, the fat that accumulates in our abdomen.