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 We've all been there...working hard, exercising, eating cleanly, happy with our progress, and then BAM! One day the scale stops moving, our clothes stop feeling looser, and all of our momentum and motivation dissolves.
  • 3 min read
Have you ever seen an amazing transformation and wondered, what's their secret? What do they know that I don't? The truth is that if you want to experience a a HEALTHY transformation (no starvation, purging, or overuse of laxatives) then you need 3 CRITICAL ELEMENTS:
  • 2 min read
 I feel pretty confident that saying that I'm not the only one who struggled with my eating when Quarantine began. In my neighborhood, it was pretty much all we talked about the first six weeks. I started of strong, but after the second week of being my kids teacher, working all day, and having ZERO time away from my family started taking its toll. 
  • 5 min read
 The only we can fight back against this Emotional Manipulation is by altering our PERSPECTIVE. We don't know who this person is, we don't know how they truly feel, we don't know if they actually use the product they are gleefully holding in their photo. We need to adjust our perspective when viewing these random images, and learn to not use them against ourselves.
  • 4 min read
 Raise your hand if you thought you would still be dealing with ACNE once you left High School? I know I sure as heck didn't! 13 year old me had to spend 10 minutes each morning with a safety pin trying to drain large cystic zits, dreaming of the day when they stopped showing up every morning.  Now, a couple rounds of Accutane cleared me right up in high school, but something happened in my mid twenties, as long hours at work became regular, and sales goals constantly loomed over my head, I suddenly began experiencing breakouts again! 
  • 3 min read
We've all been there, that moment when you step up to the scale, wondering if all the hard work we've put in will show up on this tiny digital screen. Where else in our lives do our feelings waver so strongly between dread and elation?  If my credit score changes by 3 points in either direction my day is not altered, but 3 pounds?  Depending on the direction of the swing and my current goals, I'm either hating the world or feeling on top of it.
  • 3 min read
We live in a fast-paced world of high-speed internet, fast food, and the continuously updated feed of Social it makes sense that the #2 question I get in regards to NSC products from our clients (#1 being 'Will it work?') is 'How long until I see results?
  • 3 min read
What do we mean when we say 'Clients...Not Customers'? To answer that I need to give you some of my personal back story and why the lessons I learned still impact myself, and my company, to this very day. Our mission statement is to HELP PEOPLE get healthier, but how can we accomplish that? Well, for starters, we only make Results-Based Supplements. Beyond that though, is where my personal history comes into play.
  • 3 min read