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Clients... Not Customers

In an Industry built on Marketing, what sets Natural Science Apart?


What do we mean when we say 'Clients...Not Customers'? To answer that I need to give you some of my personal back story, and why the lessons I learned still impact myself, and my company, to this very day. Our mission statement is to HELP PEOPLE get healthier, but how can we accomplish that? Well, for starters, we only make Results-Based Supplements. Beyond that though, is where my personal history comes into play.

I want to start this story back in 2001, my freshman year in College. Having been obsessed with weight lifting since my freshman year of high school (a story for another time...) I decided to get my Personal Training certification through ISSA Online. I read the course material for a couple hours, did the assignments, wrote out 3 different 12 week progressive workout programs and took my exam.

(By the way, anyone who claims getting your personal training certification online back in the early 2000's was difficult is lying, I cranked it out in 24 hours.) So, with my certification in hand, I set out for the glamorous world of part time work as a Personal Trainer at a corporate gym.

Everything was great, they loaded me up with clients, I still had plenty of time for school and to hang out with friends on the weekends...well everything was great until I actually started to work with clients.

You see, anyone can learn proper form for an exercise, or how to count macros, but REAL Personal Training is much more than that, it's a combination of learning how each client needs to be motivated, how they need to be communicated with, knowing if their limitations were physical or emotional, did the limitations need to be overcome by slowly breaking them down or by building trust and emphasizing small victories.

That became the lesson I learned, and why I was a successful trainer. If I simply looked at each Client as a transaction, where they give me $ and I take them through a workout, then I failed them.

And it showed, those clients that I did not strive to understand, to communicate with, to be what that person personally needed (sometimes a shoulder to cry on, sometimes a task masker cracking the whip) ended up dropping out of training, and generally giving up on the Gym and exercise in general.


So I adapted, I grew as a trainer, I learned to ask the right questions, to seek out the Clients' true motivation to help them accomplish what THEY wanted to accomplish.


So back to our original question; what do I mean when I say I have 'Clients...Not Customers'? That means that I know that if taken correctly, Natural Science products WILL make you healthier. My goal is to make sure that everyone who purchases these products knows how to take them correctly.

Whether through email ( or Direct Message via Instagram (@naturalsciencecreation) I answer every message that I see. I am here to help you get the results that YOU want. Whether that is weight loss, muscle building, sleeping better, decreasing stress, improving your immune system, or all of the above.

I am here to listen to your story, to discuss your goals, and to help in any way that I can so you can reach them. YOU are my Clients. I know I speak for my amazing NSC Athletes as well, if you have questions about their experiences, reach out to them.

Many of you don't require any help when it comes to picking the right product for yourself, and that's awesome. But for everyone who reads this, if you EVER have a question about a product, or want to know if a certain product or ingredient will help your current situation, please do not hesitate to reach out. My promise to you is that you are not just a customer, YOU ARE A CLIENT.