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What are 'Results-Based' Supplements?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get in my mailbox is some variation of "What will your product do for me?" The answer goes back to my original mission statement for Natural Science Creation:  Only Make Products That Will Truly Help People.   

Dietary Supplements have traditionally been grouped into 2 categories, General Health and Performance Boosters. What if I told you that really there is a 3rd group, that draws from both categories, that I term 'Results-Based Supplements'? But wait...shouldn't all supplements be 'Results-Based'? Isn't that the point?

Let me explain:  Americans are inundated with conflicting information about our health on a daily basis. (The best current example would be the differing coverage of COVID-19 between the competing News Networks). However, this is not a new phenomenon. 

In the late 1980's and early 1990's the Media determined that Dietary Fat was the biggest culprit in our growing obesity epidemic. So in response, companies started releasing Low-Fat foods. Fast forward 10 years and Carbs became Public Enemy #1, and companies started releasing Low-Carb products.

What does this have to do with supplements? Well, just like Low Fat and Low Carb trends, the Supplement Industry became inundated with Companies all offering the same products. A Protein, stimulant based Pre-Workout, and high stimulant Fat Burner.

These products are fine, but they don't accomplish any specific results. A Protein Powder can be beneficial for increasing dietary protein intake, but it's far more beneficial to eat whole food protein sources. 

A High-Stimulant Pre-Workout can get you feeling amped up for your workout...but just like any other caffeine source, the longer you take it the more your tolerance builds and more and more is required as your Central Nervous System starts struggling to function without it, even in your daily non-workout tasks. 

A 'Traditional' Fat Burner can help with slightly increasing body temperature to burn a couple extra calories, but adding in an additional 200 to 300mg of Caffeine per day to burn 20-40 calories is a waste, and creates the same dependency issues as the Pre-Workouts.

Why Natural Science Products are Different?

When I developed Natural Science, I knew that I needed products that:

   A.) Had Targeted Goals that would Provide Noticeable Results

   B.) Achieve Those Goals

   C.) Contain Ingredients/Dosages that Provide the Best Benefit for the Customer

I hate vague terms like 'Health Boosting', 'Fat Burner', 'Feel Good'. HOW do they accomplish these things? WHY do you feel good, WHY do you burn more fat, WHY is your health better?  With Natural Science, I can explain exactly WHAT these products are doing, HOW they are doing it, and WHY that will benefit you.

LONGEVITY: Lean for Life

LONGVEVITY is not a Fat Burner, instead it is a Fat Conversion Agent, which contains ingredients (such as LongVida) that have been clinically proven to decrease inflammation, increase cognitive function and elevate mood, decrease joint pain, and decrease Liver Stress-Activated Enzymes. 

The ingredients have been clinically shown to increase Mitochondria creation and production within White Fat Cells, causing them to behave as Brown Fat Cells, which will metabolize (i.e. 'Burn') themselves to generate heat. Will it help reduce White Fat Tissue, YES. Will it help you 'Feel Better' by decreasing inflammation, improving brain function, and reducing harmful Liver Enzymes, YES.


Optimal Hormone Peak A.M./P.M.

OHP is not a Hormone Supplement. In fact, it contains ZERO hormones. What it does contain are a select group of High Potency ingredients which allow your body to detoxify excess Endogenous (made in your body) Phyto- (occurring in nature) and Xeno-(man made, usually from Birth Control, Medications, Pesticides or Plastic Breakdown in the environment) Estrogen. 

Not only does this help in Cancer prevention, but also with Cystic Acne and Mood Swings. It also contains ingredients that provide your body with the building blocks to produce more of it's own lagging hormones by converting into a highly bio-available form of DHEA. OHP helps reset your body's own hormonal balance, helping your body into it's Optimal Hormonal state for Muscle Growth, Fat Loss, and Recovery. 

So if you want to know if you will 'Feel Good' on this product, simply ask yourself if you will feel better with Deeper Sleep and Better Rest, reduced daily anxiety/mood swings, Improved Skin Tone, and the ability to build more muscle and lose more body fat?  If those are your goals, then the answer is YES.


For All of You Natural Science Creation Insiders, as always, thank you for your support, and for anyone who wants to know more, shoot me an email at  I'm always here to help!

Sam Bishop

President, Natural Science