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Are You a Sugar Addict?

If so, read below to see how you can Overcome your Addiction and still see Results
A Break Up and Box of Krispy Kremes Revealed the Truth 

  Confession time...I AM A SUGAR ADDICT. That's right, I have an emotional attachment to sweets.  Donuts, Oreo's, Swedish Fish, really it doesn't matter what type...if I am having a bad day I need my FIX.

  This isn't something new to me, in fact, I want to take all you NSC Insiders' way back to the winter of 2001-2002. An 18 year old Sam was enjoying life immensely as a college freshman. I had grown up being 'the FAT KID', and even after years of strength training for sports I was still not where I wanted to be (or needed to be, just to raise my fairly low self esteem). So after football season ended I set a goal for myself to get into the best shape possible before college.

  After 6 months of diet, exercise and an altered relationship with food, I was 42 lbs lighter, and for the first time in my life I could see my abs! I felt amazing! I was single and ready to mingle, and boy did I! On a visit to another school to see a friend, I met a girl, and our chemistry was instantaneous. We spent most of that weekend together, and visited back and forth several times in the next couple weeks, I even visited her home and met her family. Needless to say I was smitten...

  Unfortunately, the magic didn't last past winter break. My last visit to see her was a painful one, she told me about another boy who was begging for a chance...and they had some history. Needless to say, I wasn't real happy and the outcome was me leaving and us never speaking again.

  Well I was in some pain, the pain only emotionally immature teenagers can understand. So, my pride damaged, I drove home to my parent's house feeling sorry for myself. Low and behold...sitting on the kitchen counter was a box of Krispy Kremes. Now, I had spent the last year of my life avoiding sweets, but let me tell you, in that moment NOTHING looked better than that box. It was hypnotic, it called to me...and I opened the box.

  Now, 1 donut wouldn't have been a big deal, maybe even 2. But once I started, I didn't stop until I was full. 6 Donuts later I finally threw away an empty box into the garbage can. The sugar rush calmed me down, it numbed my emotions. I felt too full to even think about my situation.  It wasn't until my Mom walked by, noticed the empty Donut box protruding from the trash can, and uttered the phrase that finally woke me up to my issues with eating:
 "Wow, a whole box. You must be pretty upset..."

  Just like that, I learned a powerful lesson about myself. I looked back at my childhood, and I saw the pattern for the first time. Bad day at school, junk food. Argument with friends, junk food. Lose a game, junk food. The same story, repeated over and over. Armed with this knowledge, I was able to navigate my life in great health. I was mindful of my food choices. I kept sugary snacks out of my home. I mostly cooked instead of eating out. A high volume of exercise, healthy eating, plenty of romance and friendship. Health and Fitness were easy...well until 2020 that is.

 I thought I had beat my Sugar Addiction, then came Quarantine .

  I feel pretty confident that saying that I'm not the only one who struggled with my eating when Quarantine began. In my neighborhood, it was pretty much all we talked about the first six weeks. I started of strong, but after the second week of being my kids teacher, working all day, and having ZERO time away from my family started taking its toll. My only personal time was late at night, curled up on the couch watching Netflix. Do you know what goes amazing with a relaxing night of Netflix? Oreos. Not 2 oreas, not 4, not even 8. 16 was my average. A cup of milk to dunk them in, a whole package of Double Stuff's (purchased 'for the kids' of course) and my nightly routine was set.

  The weight came on quickly, 12 pounds in about 4 weeks. I felt awful, I know I was letting myself down, setting a bad example for my kids, and even worse I began to feel so ashamed that I started hiding my eating (a pretty classic sign of food addiction). So now I had to wait until everyone else was asleep before I could eat my sugar, and if I heard foot steps coming you better believe I hid those snacks as quickly as possible.

  I was still working out, but I couldn't outwork the amount of sugar and calories I was constantly craving. I finally hit a breaking point when I looked myself in the mirror, and saw a bloated, exhausted, sickly version of myself staring back.

  I knew what I had to do, and was mad that I put it off for so long. That morning I popped open my bottle of CUTS took my first dose. Why did I wait so long? I don't know...laziness? Situational depression? I don't really know why, but I had finally had enough. I took 5 caps a day, 3 spread out evenly, and an extra capsule with each main meal. I cut out eating after 8pm, knowing that was when I craved sugar the most. I made sure I took my PhenoSlim every day along with Optimal Hormone Peak.

3 Weeks of CUTS and PHENOSLIM to CHANGE my Bloated, Unhappy Self

  Even faster than it came on, the added weight melted off. In just 3 weeks I was back to where I started when it all began. Even better, using CUTS continuously allowed me to gradually reduce my sugar intake, 16 Oreos turned back into 6, then into a couple gummy bears. Finally, I stopped craving the sweets. Preventing my blood sugar from spiking and dropping had kept me from those terrible cravings I had been having. I slept better at night, woke up earlier in the morning to work out. 

  I was able to beat my addiction...and I want to be able to help you beat yours too! 

  When I created the Loss Stack, I had Clients with true weight loss needs/food addiction issues in mind. If you are like me, and need to 'Hit the Reset Button' on your eating, then the Loss Stack is the perfect way to start. I know people are struggling right now, I want YOU to feel as good as I do by dropping those extra pounds. I want YOU to sleep better at night, I want YOU to feel more confident and optimistic about your life.

  I want YOU to have the tools you need to start your journey...and to help you get started I am taking an ADDITIONAL $20 off the Loss Stack. That's right, you can buy all of the products individually, but if you buy them in the stack you will now save $50!!!

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 If you have questions about your situation, or how to best take the products, respond to this email, and I'll Personally answer any questions you have. Life is a challenge right now, for all of LET'S FACE THIS TOGETHER!



   Sam Bishop

   President, Natural Science