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Trans-ARA Fat Reduction Skin Cream


In a world of over eating, over working, and over stressing, body fat can accumulate in isolated pockets around our body, and cling to us stubbornly even when we diet and exercise.  Until now, the only solution to spot reduce fat has been surgical.  But thanks to a scientific breakthrough in the mid-2000’s coupled with a pharmaceutical transdermal delivery method, Natural Science Creation is proud to unveil


Trans-A.R.A. is a powerful transdermal site specific fat reduction agent.  With just a quarter sized squirt of cream, vigorously rubbed into the skin daily, you can see significantly less fat and cellulite, along with increased skin tightening, in a targeted area in as little as 30 days!  

Use on as many spots as you like, abs, hips, thighs, arms, anywhere where a layer of subcutaneous fat has developed.  Feel the warming sensation as the formula activates, use preworkout to increase sweating and detoxification of the area, or use after a shower in clean, dry skin.

However you apply it, make sure you use it daily, and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and plenty of water!

Trans-A.R.A. works synergistically with PhenoSlim and Natural Strength Enhancement.  Combine all 3 for optimal results.

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Who Needs This Product?

Anyone who has pockets of fat on their body that seem resistant to weight loss, or want to accelerate fat loss in a specific area (abs, arms, thighs, glutes)

Isn’t it time you felt the power of TRANS-A.R.A.?