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Still Dealing With Acne in Your 20's, 30's and Beyond?

-Fight Back against Hormonal Acne-

Raise your hand if you thought you would still be dealing with ACNE once you left High School? I know I sure as heck didn't! 13 year old me had to spend 10 minutes each morning with a safety pin trying to drain large cystic zits, dreaming of the day when they stopped showing up every morning. 

Now, a couple rounds of Accutane cleared me right up in high school, but something happened in my mid twenties, as long hours at work became regular, and sales goals constantly loomed over my head, I suddenly began experiencing breakouts again! 

My first response (as it is for most things I don't want to have happen) was "WHAT THE F$&%?!? I thought I was done with this!" Unfortunately, this was my reality, and it was only getting worse. When I started talking to my friends about it, I realized I wasn't the only one. 

In fact, most of my friends (Male and Female) were dealing with occasional breakouts. Between our Hectic Lives, Pollution, Chemical Exposure, Medication and Cosmetics, we have created a toxic environment for our skin. 

For me personally, STRESS has always been a big contributor to breakouts, but everyone has their own personal breakout triggers. I talk to men who suffer from facial acne due to irritation from shaving, and some who experience body acne from excessive exercise, or even anabolic steroids.  Women often experience acne during menstruation, adding or removing birth control, or from continuous use of cosmetics.

   "Between our Hectic Lives, Pollution, Chemical Exposure, Medication and Cosmetics, we have created a TOXIC environment for our skin."

The good news is our understanding of the largest organ in our body (our skin!) is growing, and awareness about many of the chemicals that are in our food and products we use daily, which is allowing consumers to make better choices.  

Today, I want to tell you about the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to reduce Hormonal Acne. It's a simple really, minimize hormonal imbalances, reduce excess hormonal disruptors, and achieve your bodies optimal hormonal balance.

The quickest, healthiest path to achieving better skin lies in using Optimal Hormone Peak AM/PM.  Here's why: OHP acts as a powerful Adaptogen, so it helps stimulate production of lacking hormones, while also containing compounds that reduce excess toxic hormones.

This combination helps put your body into it's optimal state.  Less hormonal fluctuation, increased hormonal balance, and decreased stress responses all combine to lead to one very happy outcome...Less Hormonal Acne!

Just ask Danielle, she started seeing results in ONLY 2 WEEKS! Danielle started developing cystic acne when she was 23, and despite trying different birth control options, food eliminations, and Doctor visits, the acne remained an issue.  Only 2 weeks into her first bottle of Optimal Hormone Peak and her acne was finally healing.  She was so excited she sent me these pics.

"Honestly, having clear skin again is a game changer" - @daniellellouise

Optimal Hormone Peak is an amazing product, so whether you want to improve your skin tone, sleep better at night, reduce daily stress and anxiety, or build more muscle and carry less fat...OHP is for you.  It works equally well on Men and Women, on College Students and Retiree's, on professional Athletes and Beginners.  If you want to look and feel your best, give this Game Changer a shot.



 Sam Bishop

 President, Natural Science



Optimal Hormone Peak A.M./P.M.

OHP is not a Hormone Supplement. In fact, it contains ZERO hormones. What it does contain are a select group of High Potency ingredients which allow your body to detoxify excess Endogenous (made in your body) Phyto- (occurring in nature) and Xeno-(man made, usually from Birth Control, Medications, Pesticides or Plastic Breakdown in the environment) Estrogen. 

Not only does this help in Cancer prevention, but also with Cystic Acne and Mood Swings. It also contains ingredients that provide your body with the building blocks to produce more of it's own lagging hormones by converting into a highly bio-available form of DHEA. 

OHP helps reset your body's own hormonal balance, helping your body into it's Optimal Hormonal state for Muscle Growth, Fat Loss, and Recovery. So if you want to know if you will 'Feel Good' on this product, simply ask yourself if you will feel better with Deeper Sleep and Better Rest, reduced daily anxiety/mood swings, Improved Skin Tone, and the ability to build more muscle and lose more body fat?  If those are your goals, then the answer is YES.

Optimal Hormone Peak A.M. & P.M.