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How Long Until I See Results?

We live in a fast-paced world of high-speed internet, fast food, and the continuously updated feed of Social it makes sense that the #2 question I get in regards to NSC products from our clients (#1 being 'Will it work?') is 'How long until I see results?

Now, I'm going to share an industry secret here, so I need everyone who reads this to Pinky Swear that you won't spill the beans. Deal? Well now that we have all agreed to form a circle of trust, I can finally share my deepest, darkest secret with you...(pause for dramatic effect)…the truth is that I don't know how long it will take for you to see results

Whew, I feel better already!  Now, before the crowds start shouting 'Phony!!!' with their pitchforks and torches out coming to get me, let me explain why Results-Based Supplements cannot be put on an absolute time frame, and why that question is ultimately irrelevant.

When it comes to individual clients' needs, I factor in 3 components:

1) Genotype - Your personal genetic code which tells how your body will be shaped, how much muscle or fat your body will carry at a baseline, natural hormone levels, height, athleticism, etc...

2) Phenotype - Your current physical shape (Your Genotype combined with your environmental and lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, exposure to chemicals/pesticides/medications), injuries, etc...

3) Personality - I could term this any number of ways; willpower, desire, character...what this component accounts for is the client's ability to follow through with taking the products consistently, and eating/exercising in a way that benefits their goal. 

(If you are attempting to lose weight, but have a sedentary lifestyle and eat out for 2 meals per day, then no supplement, medication or procedure can give you the long term weight loss you seek, but if you are having trouble staying asleep at night, so you have less energy during the day to exercise, then simply taking Optimal Hormone Peak can help you achieve deeper sleep and better rest, largely regardless of dietary choices.)

When a Client is purchasing products, I have no way of knowing their Genotype, I have no way to verify their Phenotype, and I can only hope that they have the necessary personality and willpower to stay on track with healthy living and properly taking the products. So now that we have established why it is difficult to give the client an exact 'When' I can focus more on the aspect of how we can achieve the goal.  

The best way to achieve any fitness goal is very simple: CONSISTENCY

Consistency allows for Progress, and Progress allows for Achievement. Anyone who promises you quick results like weight loss or muscle growth is a SCAM!  48 Hour Miracle Diets, add 10lbs of Muscle in 7 Days, all of these results are complete lies or simply manipulating the amount of water in your body to either gain or lose weight. 

If you want long term, healthy results, that can stay with you and not fade away within 48 hours of normal life, then CONSISTENT usage of NSC products is required.

  • If you are working hard at Losing Weight, consistent use of PhenoSlim and CUTS will help you get there.
  • If you are wanting to reduce cystic acne, sleep deeper and rest better, improve your libido, improve muscle reduce daily anxiety, consistent usage of Optimal Hormone Peak will help you get there
  • If you want more endurance during your workouts, and want to lose weight but not see a large decrease in strength and muscle mass, consistent use of Natural Strength will help you get there.

The key to all of these results is CONSISTENCY.

To make that consistency an easy process for you, we have an Autoship program. That means that each month, your product will be sent to you in a timely manner, so you can maintain your consistency and continuously move closer and closer to achieving your goals.

With our Autoship program you can freeze at any time, so if you need to take a break for any period of time, simply freeze the program.  You can cancel as well, but you will lose the Special Pricing if you do.




Sam Bishop

President, Natural Science Creation