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Hi Everyone,

My name is Brittany. I am a professional pro-level body builder and bikini-pro posing coach. I have competed in many IFBBPRO competitions and have and extreme standard of fitness I like to maintain. For those of you who aren't familiar with this area, it takes excruciating mental and physical diligence and discipline to get this physique in time for body building competitions and shows. 

Each day leading up to an event or challenge must be laser focused around eating, training, and sleep. I have been using Natural Science Creation products to help supplement my intense routine and well, the results speak for themselves.

What I love about natural science creation products for women is that they are uniquely formulated, made from premium all natural ingredients, and really make you feel secure in having a reliable selection of products to choose from that can be even more effective when combined together. Although results may vary, I have always had amazing results, trading in the slightest bit of body fat for energy is something I was able to do better after taking these products. 

My favorite products are featured in my personal stack- feel free to grab a few separately by visiting our products page or grab all of them here:

  • Phenoslim - Helps create useable energy and burn fat fast
  • Natural Strength - Helps build strength in caloric deficit
  • Optimal H-Peak - Helps balance your bodily functions
  • ADD-ON UNWIND - Helps calm the mind, ease the gut and relax your muscles
  • ADD-ON TRANS A.R.A. Cream - Helps burn fat in stubborn areas like stomach
One more thing - I really appreciate about these products is that they are designed by the owner, Sam, who used to be a trainer himself and so he knows his products inside-out. His products are also drug-free and WADA approved. This brings me comfort knowing I invest in safe natural products that are vetted by a company I trust.

I hope you all enjoy my stack and feel free to direct any questions you may have about bodybuilding, bikini-pro or products to me @Britthamilton_ifbbpro.

Remember - No pain, no gains. 💪 GET 10% OFF USE CODE: HAMILTON

Best regards,
💕Brittany H.