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3-Month Supply of PhenoSlim™ (Save $15)

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Each PhenoSlim™ bottle contains a one month supply (120 pills). This fat loss agent has many health benefits and can be used continuously, unlike traditional stimulant based fat burners.

  • PhenoSlim™ is a combination of high potency ingredients, working in unison to reduce body fat and make you feel better. All the ingredients in PhenoSlim aid in fat reduction, but fat loss isn’t the only benefit. When you take PhenoSlim, your brain, cardiovascular system, and liver will all be given the nutrients they need for improved function making this the first Life Enhancing Fat Loss Agent available.

  • Phenoslim contains 7 active ingredients.  Each ingredient provides a different pathway towards weight loss and fat reduction, and the first ingredient contains a host of health benefits as well.

    1. LongVida® Optimized Curcumin Extract (from Curcuma Longoma root)

      LongVida®is the most bio-available form of Curcumin, it is 67-285 times more bio-available than traditional Curcumin.  Curcumin itself is a powerful polyphenol, with many antioxidant properties.  Daily dosage with Curcumin was shown to decrease both fat mass and body weight with no change in daily diet.  This was accomplished through Curcumin’s ability to induce the browning of White Adipose tissue₁.  The increase in Beige Adipose tissue (which burns lipids for energy to make heat) leads to a higher caloric output and a decrease in fat mass overall.  With LongVida®’s SLCP (solid lipid Curcumin particle) technology, the Curcumin is absorbed through the lymphatic system and dispersed through your body quickly and intact.  The Acid Defense capsule also protects the compound, ensuring the most potent delivery possible.

      The benefits of LongVida® don’t stop there, however.   LongVida®is clinically proven† to decrease inflammation, decrease liver enzymes, and increase Nitric Oxide production.   These benefits lead to less joint pain and muscle soreness, and improved Nitric Oxide production is good for both hearts and vascular tissue, as well as pump enhancement during exercise.  Another clinical study† showed the improvement of both cognitive function and mood.

    2. Factor21™ Extract (Momordica Charantia)

      Factor21™ is a proprietary, 100% natural regulator of a hormone growth factor called Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 (FGF21).  FGF21 is known to manage metabolism, weight loss, and glucose levels.  The hormone has been linked to the burning of Brown fat and has the power to increase food satiety and decrease food intake†₂.  Research on Factor21™ showed increased levels of FGF21 and changes in body weight, blood sugar levels, and insulin sensitivity.

    3. Lactoferrin

      Lactoferrin (LF) is a multifunctional protein in mammalian milk.  Using a double-blind, placebo-controlled design, researchers found that participants taking 300mg per day of Lactoferrin reduced visceral abdominal fat by an astounding 12.3% in only eight weeks†₃. Decreases in body weight, BMI, and hip circumference were also shown.  Lactoferrin inhibited the growth of new fat cells and promoted the breakdown of existing fat tissue.  Lactoferrin increased cAMP-PKA signaling and increased overall energy expenditure.  Lactoferrin also aids in the increase in Brown Adipose Tissue, as an amplifier for the powerful Bone Morphogenetic Protein 7 (BMP-7) †₄.  BMP-7 is clinically proven† to reverse obesity, decrease appetite, and combat Rheumatoid Arthritis.†₅

    4. GoGBB™

      GoGBB (Gamma-Butyrobetaine) is a precursor to L-carnitine in your body.  L-carnitine acts as a transport agent for converting fat to energy.  However, consuming L-carnitine itself was not shown to increase cellular carnitine levels and increase carnitine excretion by nearly 40 times the normal levels†.  By using the precursor Gamma-Butyrobetaine we can successfully increase carnitine levels in our body and increase metabolism and fatty acid breakdown with no nausea, odor or other common side effects of large doses of L-carnitine.

    5. Menthol

    6. Cardamoxine

    7. Cinnamaldehyde

Who Needs This Product?

Anyone who wants to REDUCE BODY FAT while simultaneously getting healthier. If you want a product that makes you feel better, look better, and function better, PhenoSlim needs to be part of your daily regimen. With zero stimulants, this product is safe for adults of all ages and health levels.

Isn’t it time you felt the power of PHENOSLIM?

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