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Bush Admin tried to silence top NASA climate scientist and naturalSCIENCE contributor NYT
U.K. science stiffled by 'academic apparatchiks,' U.S. climate policy 'loony' Guardian
Did U.S. government lie about deadly virus? World Science
Utah physics prof. says Twin Towers collapse likely a controlled demolition
MIT Students Demonstrate Feasibility of Archimedes Death Ray
Science is the wrong context for discussing intelligent design Brian Gallagher
The Trouble with Oscillation. From the exhibition: Neutrinos, they are very small Sally McKay
Human footprints in Mexico, 30,000 years old BBC
Cold fusion, for real CSM
Earth's energy out of balance by 0.85 watts per meter2 SciScoop
Computer generated gibberish fools cybernetic boffins: The Register
Vitamin C supplementation reduces noise-induced hearing loss in guinea pigs Hear. Res.
Plants can overwrite the genetic code they inherit from their parents:
Australian Scientist Disputes 'Hobbit' Findings Sci-Tech Today
U.S. Fish and wildlife scientists told to alter their "findings": LA Times
Cassini-Huygens: First images from Titan ESA
As we predicted in 2002: Detroit offers the Personal Armored Vehicle
Another highly red-shifted quasar found within a nearby galaxy: UCSD
Mount St. Helens' Growing Dome:
Covert censorship by the physics preprint archive: Brian Josephson
Archive Freedom: Repression of Physics in the 21st Century:
100 Things to do before you die–tips from science on a good life, and death: Guardian
Is Cold Fusion Heating Up? Jeff Hecht: TechnoRev
Pathological Disbelief, Brian D. Josephson:
Hilbert–Einstein priority: was the record deliberate falsified? F. Winterberg Z. Naturforsch.
Hobbits discovered on Indonesian island, Henry Gee: Guardian
One-metre-tall humans lived until 18,000 years ago, Tim Radford: Guardian
Cassini-Huygens Titan-A Flyby - Oct. 26, 2004: NASA
The bottleneck: We have entered the Century of the Environment, E.O. Wilson: Sci Am
'New' giant ape found in DR Congo: BBC
Mount St. Hellens Web cam (Updated every five minutes):
SpaceShipOne wins $10 million prize: SF Chronicle
Mercury in vaccines -- the chief cause of autism? Donald W. Miller:
New evidence supports theory of abiogenic origin of oil and natural gas:
International team to monitor fate of anthropogenic CO2 injected into oil reservoir: GSA Today
Canada sacks three whistleblowing scientists: the Scientist
Climate change: our biggest challenge in 5,000 years Guardian
The physics of hell:
Independent lab tests "over-unity" energy devices with negative results:
Scientists condemn Big-Bang bias bias in funding for cosmology:
Nature's forum on science publishing: Nature
U.S. Is Losing Its Dominance in the Sciences: NY Times
Physics Product Warnings:
ASA Launches Einstein Experiment from California: Reuters
Now Nasa looks to change Mars into a garden of Earthly delights: Guardian
Mars has vast fields of perennial water ice: ESA
Rapid responses to BMJ article "Reframing HIV and AIDS": BMJ
Astronomers discover 'new planet': BBC
Asian vulture populations collapse: poisoned by veterinary medicine:
Tabletop fusion device, really works: SpaceDaily
Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us: Observer
New world found far beyond Pluto: BBC
Supernova slowly reaching full bloom: MSNBC
Sexing up scientese: Guardian
Alarm over melting Arctic ice cap: Sydney Morning Herald
Pentagon's attentioned riveted by mother-of-all climate change scenarios: Fortune
NASA's Mars exploration rover mission: JPL.NASA
Europe's eye on Mars: first spectacular results from Mars Express: ESA
Gulf War I vets still excreting depleted uranium: Science Daily
Global atmospheric black carbon and climate, Makiko Sato and others: PNAS
Global dimming: Goodbye sunshine Guardian
Biological Procedures Online: An Open Access Journal
Public Library of Science, Biology: An Open Access Journal
Can we defuse the global warming time bomb? James Hansen: naturalSCIENCE
(Double) Blind Faith: Fred Leavitt, on the credibility of published science: naturalSCIENCE
naturalSCIENCE's Dangerously Misleading Headline Award: naturalSCIENCE
Adam Osborne, pioneer of PCs for people: dead at 64: naturalSCIENCE
Power without pollution: the Zero Emission Coal Power concept: naturalSCIENCE Cover Story
Survival of Pacific Salmon threatened by fish farms: naturalSCIENCE
Who's being dishonest about the environment?: naturalSCIENCE News Report
The precarious balance between Australia's rare fur seals and sea lions: naturalSCIENCE
An updated new ice-age prediction, Robert Johnson naturalSCIENCE Letter
Cars, Carbon and Climate, a Durango owner bites back: Yettekov Wilson naturalSCIENCE Letter
UBC prof. confirms age of the universe by new method: naturalSCIENCE; Discussion: FR
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