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Science and Intelligent Design
Brian Gallagher argues that science is the wrong context for considering the theory of Intelligent Design, and failure to recognize this diminishes the significance of other modes of inquiry, including the religious and philosophical

An updated new ice age prediction
Robert G. Johnson examines how impacts of human activity on ocean circulation could trigger ice-sheet growth in Canada

Cars, carbon and climate: Durango owner bites back
Yettekov Wilson charges naturalSCIENCE with America bashing

naturalSCIENCE Kyoto View Biased and Misleading?
Jo House challenges our view on the Kyoto Agreement

Re: Global Warming
Katie, an 8th grade science student, questions Henry Hengeveld, Senior Science Advisor with Canada's Atmospheric Environment Service, about global warming

François Péron in Australia (1800-1803): old and modern views in anthropology and ecology
Albert Ducros and Jaqueline Ducros respond to J. Loring Brace's critique of their report on the work of a pioneer anthropologist

An open letter on global warming
James Hansen responds to press coverage of his PNAS article on global warming

Are we triggering abrupt and extreme climate change?
Commenting on Kevin Trenberth's naturalSCIENCE article Global Warming: It's Happening, Jon Traudt discusses ways that global warming may trigger further warming

Re: Anomalous rotation in a Foucault's pendulum
A request for information about Maurice Allais' discovery from Panama high school senior, Alice Revilla, with a response from NASA science writer Leslie Mullen and a list of annotated Web links provided by NASA physicist David Noever

Science and censorship
Commenting on our editorial Nature versus NASA: a question of scientific correctness? Craig Szwed argues that science is not threatened by open discussion of honest efforts to understand the world, however unorthadox the approach

Nature should retract claim that Thomas Jefferson fathered slave's youngest child
Herbert Barger offers historical evidence contradicting the presumption that Thomas Jefferson fathered the child of his slave Sally Hemings

Cloud power: a plan to extract energy from thin air
Dr. Mohammad Jainul Abedin proposes a scheme to to harvest electrical energy from the atmosphere. Our technology correspondent comments

What is the WAVELENGTH of light?
Dr. Phil Schewe of the American Institute of Physics answers a 6th grader's question

Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, continued
Richard Bassetti, comments on our view of Ernst Haeckel's famous dictum

Global warming and marine biodiversity
Dr. Patrice Francour suggests that increased variability in ocean suface temperature may be impacting marine biodiversity

Nannobacteria: A novel life form?
Dave LaChance offers a theory about the structure of the entities reported last year in Robert Folk's naturalSCIENCE article

The scientific world-view: an oxymoron?
In response to the question we posed, Peter Martin argues that the advance of scientific knowledge cannot be isolated from prevailing political and ethical beliefs and that scientists should be, and frequently are, ready to be drawn into public debate about their work and ideas

The Social Cost of Forest Conservation
Russell Davison, an unemployed logger from Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island responds to our commentary: Forest Giant's Rainforest Conservation Plan

Nature vs NASA: "the Dangers of Publication by Press Conference"
Carol A. Christian comments on a controversial press conference

Forest Giant's Rainforest Conservation Plan: Our Critique Challenged
David L. Smith comments on our evaluation of a plan to increase old-growth logging in British Columbia's coastal rainforest

Stratospheric Ozone Depletion: Causes and Consequences
S. Fred Singer comments on a naturalSCIENCE cover story

Ocean Circulation and Climate
S. Fred Singer comments on a naturalSCIENCE cover story

How Many Climate Researchers Support the "Leipzig Declaration"
Christian Jensen questions how many climate researchers support Fred Singer's Leipzig Declaration

Is Human Activity The Cause of Climate Warming?
Meterorologist, Hugh Ellsaesser, believes that Kevin Trenberth's article goes beyond the evidence in stating that climate warming is caused by human activity

Kevin Trenberth's Reply to Hugh Ellsaesser

Warming: Don't Worry, It's Cooling
Fred Singer challenges Kevin Trenberth's claim that global warming is happening

Kevin Trenberth's Reply to Fred Singer

A Carbon Tax and Global Warming
Bill Parkyn suggests that global warming is an invention of governments intent on justifying new taxes. But in case it's not, he advocates a sunshade in outer space as an alternative to reducing fossil fuel consumption

The Editor's Response to Bill Parkyn

Does Ontogeny Recapitulate Phylogeny?
A reader inquires about Haeckel's dictum

Who Said Bumblebees Can't Fly?
A reader raises a question of insect aerodynamics

The Ethics of Mammalian Cloning
Michael Lee-Poy argues that research on mammalian cloning should serve the general good, not selfish interests

See Also:
Commentary: Isn't Every Sheep a Clone

Nannobacteria: Why Is It So Hard to Show What They Are?
A letter from Robert Clark with a response outlining current research to evaluate the nannobacterium hypothesis

Nannobacteria: Size Limits and Evidence
Frank Volke argues that the minimum water content, and hence theoretical minimum size, of bacterial cells may be much lower than has generally been assumed

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