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Editied by Robert Forte

Available to purchase from
Council on Spiritual Practices, San Francisco, 1997, paperback, $15 USD,

Reviewed by
Bill Lunny, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada

Traditional religions are under attack from a "new age" collection of groups that offer space migration, magic, herbalism, nature worship, homophobic feminism, etc. The essays collected in this book offer to "save" religion by using "entheogens." They tell us that with a plant or chemical substance taken in a religious setting one can experience "true reality in a moment," hence "en - theo - gen" - God generated within.

While the plea is that U.S. law will be changed to allow the use of controlled substances in this manner, there is little discussion of the religious experience produced or the social problems associated with the use of psychedelic drugs. This book is only for enthusiasts.

W. J. Lunny
Victoria, Canada
November, 1997

Bill Lunny was for 18 years Parish Priest at St. Dunstan's, Victoria, British Columbia. He holds graduate degrees in theology from Canadian, American and English Universities. His books include The Sociology of the Resurrection, and The Jesus Option, both available to purchase from, and Living the Lords Prayer, the Celtic Way, available from The Trory Press, 1680 Beaufort Avenue, Comox, B.C. V9M 1R7, Canada.

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